About Us


GOLPAKHSH Manufacturing and Trading Industries Co., Ltd. is the first holder of ISO 9001 International Certification and manufacturer of spray types in Iran which succeeded in mass production of this product in 1365.


At present, the GOLPAKHSH brand and its subsidiary brands in the Iranian and Asian markets have become prestigious names and have a reputation for excellent history.


Producing hiquality products in accordance with the consumer’s taste is the main priority of the TEYF GOLPAKHSH COMPANY. According to the company’s executives, the valuable goal of national product prosperity and pride in global assemblies is to achieve this.


Therefore, as we have in the past, we will do our utmost to rely on God and our dear consumers and with the foresight to keep the flower name at the top of our list of honorable creators in order to maintain the share of the GOLPAKHSH in our dear country.

Another prominent policy highlighted on the roadmap of the TEYF GOLPAKHSH Company is the creation of employment and entrepreneurship.


Our priority in creating employment has always made every effort to employ specialized personnel and use the most up-to-date equipment available in the field of paint and spray.


Currently there are approximately 100 people working directly in the production and trading complex of GOLPAKHSH in the technical, administrative, commercial, laboratory and service sectors.


Our specialist staffs at the GOLPAKHSH Specialist Laboratory are constantly innovating and gaining knowledge and creating unique and innovative products that, with the help of God, have so far been able to achieve and market great goals.



Strategy And Vision

The strategy and the roadmap of GOLPAKHSH Co. are completely transparent and our ultimate goal is to produce hi-quality and desirable consumer products. Clearly, boosting national productivity and increasing national capacity and addressing domestic needs are our top priorities.

The future horizon of the GOLPAKHSH will be very clear to us and to industry activists, reflecting the path to success as our goals for the future of the paint and spray industry will extend beyond Iran, the Middle East and Asia.