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pioneer and innovator in the spray industry
TEYF GOLPAKHSH Production and Trading Industries, the first and largest manufacturer of spray in Iran
Provider of the highest quality spray products
The priority of GOLPAKHSH Company is customer satisfaction. We believe that customer satisfaction will come with quality and reasonable price.
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Leader of the paint and spray industry development
The latest and most modern devices and the most specialized personnel


GOLPAKHSH Production & Trading Company, The first and largest spray manufacturer in IRAN!

GOLPAKHSH, GOLRIZAN, DORNAGHSH, GP5 BRANDS & Various industrial, car care, art and general products

The greatest variety of sprays in IRAN

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Why US ?

Touch the differentiating facets of the GOLPAKHSH products!

GOLPAKHSH Manufacturing and Trading Co. (SPL) has always strived to make our dear customers feel the difference in their products and services, and obviously our first solution is to increase the quality and quality of all our products. . Of course, other factors such as affordable and affordable will always come to our attention. In terms of high delivery speed and circulation we have also tried to differentiate ourselves on these issues without spending too much on advertising. Of course, we have utilized expert and technical staff along with exemplary after sales services to maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Unparalleled quality
  • Expert personnel
  • Affordable price
  • After sales service
  • High operation speed
  • Maximum customer satisfaction

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