Industrial Mold Lubricant Spray (Silicone)

Industrial Mold Lubricant Spray (Silicone)

Designed and manufactured using the finest European silicone
Some of its features are as follows:
• It facilitates the removal of rubber and plastic parts from the mold.
Protects electrical contacts from moisture.
• Lubricates and protects plastic and rubber parts.
Prevents frost, adhesion and breakage of rubber parts
Very good.
• Movable ceilings, chair rails, desk drawer, cabinet file and
The seat belt rollers make it softer.
• Waterproof, resistant to atmospheric agents, bases and weak acids
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• Prevents noise in plastic parts; Heat resistant to heat
• Lubricate any non-ferrous equipment that requires working oil
has it.
• After spraying on the desired surfaces the effect of grease and contamination to nothing
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Industrial Mold Lubricant Spray (Silicone)

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