WD-40 Multipurpose oil spray

WD-40 Multipurpose oil spray

This product uses high quality foreign raw materials and special formula
It has a variety of features and applications. Including
Cleansing, lubricating, scrubbing parts, removing moisture from the surface and protecting
Metal surfaces against corrosion and rust as well as extremely high penetration ability
In rusty threads in bolts and fittings to eliminate rust and
Lubrication of parts, elimination of crumble and lubrication of rails, hinges
Door & Window, Pedals & Conveyor Lines, Wheel Chains, Handles & Locks Tip
IMPORTANT: Note that due to the lack of silicon inside the formulation of
Prevents dust absorption and contamination on the surface used.
Major Uses: Used in industries – workshops – cars and homes.

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WD-40 Multipurpose oil spray

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